Keep Grounded

“He will be our peace.” – Micah 5.5

This is my first night home in almost two weeks. Crazy routines like this aren’t incredibly unusual for my husband and I between traveling for work, grad school and activities or trips with friends and family. But even as a somewhat “normal” come-and- go lifestyle, I’m finding that it helps to have some simple things that keep me grounded.

Here are a few of the things that help me:

Make extra quiet time for God. 

Finding a quiet space, whether in a hotel room or in the early morning by a window restores me. It reminds me that there is a stabilizing power no matter where I am or what the day will hold.


Find joy in a new little thing each day.

When I’m tempted to get overwhelmed by a task at hand that is “one more thing”, I try and focus on something simple I can do that makes me happy. We hosted a potluck this weekend, and I went early and decorated tables alone. It was a quiet and peaceful time before everyone showed up where I wasn’t rushed.


Stay Connected. 

Face timing my husband, staying up on local church announcements or texting a friend that I’m praying for them that day are just a few ways to make the distance a little smaller. We can’t always be “together” in the same place, but there are plenty of ways to engage even when you’re not there in person.


Get a nice coffee.

Call me crazy, but the simple ritual of a good cup of coffee makes a difference for me. Allow yourself the little pleasure of feeling like yourself when you’re not in your norm.


What helps you feel stable when life seems crazy?

Step by Step,

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. sarah flyingkites says:

    love the simplicity of this post, Amber! Thanks for sharing… And welcome home!! 🙂

    1. Amber says:

      Thanks Sarah 🙂 It is good to be home! See you Saturday at small group?

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