Thailand – Food, Culture & Friends

We are so thankful that Mark was stable enough for us to continue on our journey through Asia.

Here’s where our trip starts going in fast motion. We traveled from Japan to Malaysia to Thailand for a quick weekend in Chiang Mai to see some wonderful ministries and connect with friends. 

We visited an area where local artisans sold and hand-painted lots of neat things, including this wall 🙂
This artisan painted some elephants on my iPhone cover.
We met some incredible people who have been serving abroad for the majority of their lives. We were grateful for their hospitality and their love for Jesus.
Look who we found in Chiang Mai! 🙂
So glad we could meet up with old friends from Girls Camp and Family Camp in the States.
We explored the Night Market in Chiang Mai…


And ate some fabulous Thai food!


We even tried durian… which I’ll talk more about later 🙂

Then we were off again for Laos. Although we didn’t get to spend much time there, we loved experiencing a bit of the culture and sharing some memories with both new and old friends!

So very thankful for this guy! We’ve had some great adventures so far – and there were still more to come before we headed home…

Step by Step,

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