Weirdest Foods of Asia

“Lord where you lead, I will follow. What you feed me, I will swallow. But this one… you’re going to have to help me keep down.” – Tim Sprunger

Much as it might look a bit messy, this is actually the proper way to eat ramen in Japan.

We saw some seriously weird food over the last month in Asia, and thought they were well worth sharing 🙂 Some were fabulous! Others… maybe a little more challenging.

The Fruits

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The Fish – Served in so many different ways… 

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Street Food

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Our Favorite Foods

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Just Plain Bad Food

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I’ve been told when traveling to say “yes” to everything in the first two-three weeks. Otherwise you’ll never try everything and miss some pretty incredible new things. Well… I held pretty well to that – but I’m convinced that some kinds of lines are ok. I mean…

What about you? What looks the best? Worst? 

Step by Step,

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