The air is heavy and thick, beating down and leaving trails of sweat along the back of your legs. Dust swirls from the cacophony of blazing motorbikes, vendors shouting and women swaying to the offbeat haze of roosters, children and honking horns.

Haiti Streets

Life for just about everyone on this island is hard. And it’s not hard to imagine that the most vulnerable are the children. Orphaned toddlers run the streets naked, subject to abuse, barely able to survive, let alone thrive. They simply get lost in the chaos.

Until someone stops and says they deserve more.

Over the last couple of weeks, Nick and I got to see what it looks like when God’s people collectively turn their focus to the most vulnerable. We had the privilege of working alongside Haitian believers with Loving Shepherd Ministries and be reminded that change is possible.

Beauty can come from ashes. 223 kids (so far) have been brought out of this life and given great hope. The love of a family. A future. The change is dramatic.


There is new hope. It rings from the shouts of laughter as these children gather. It shows as you step into a Home of Hope, listening to the sounds of daily life – that is normal, real and tangibly…. hopeful.




We are so blessed to be a small part of this incredible work – and the powerful work that God is doing through believers all across the globe.

Step by Step,

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