An Ethical Christmas

The Christmas exchanges always happen over Thanksgiving… and then we’re off to the races with Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We give, and the spirit of that can be so sweet. But what if you could step away from the great deals and do something more meaningful? What if your purchases could mean something for the artisan who crafted your gift? What if your purchase could actually change something for someone in need?

I’m striving to head that direction with my gifts this year… and I hope you’ll join me. If you’re not sure where to get started, here’s a few ideas: 

Moriya Ethiopian Accessories 

Handmade purses, totes, scarves and jewelry from Ethiopia providing mothers with sustainable jobs so they can care for their vulnerable children.

Globe In 

I’m really excited about this idea this year… a monthly subscription to a woven basket of products from around the world! If you’re interested in learning of new companies throughout the year, this is a really great way to do that!

150 + Companies for Social Good

This is an incredible list of options if you’re looking for unique gifts. All companies listed here are doing something to give back, if they’re not explicitly fair trade. Wonderful list, many of whom I didn’t know about previously.

Gifts that Give Back: The Good Trade

This year’s list for women. The Good Trade does a really great job of sharing new companies through each season.

IF:Gathering Christmas Gift Guide

Love their suggestions! Beautifully handcrafted with purpose and a variety of price points.

Where do you shop ethically for Christmas?

Step by Step,

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