Praying for the Nations

I have been so blessed to share several special meals over the last few years with a growing group of friends.  We pick a country, dig up authentic recipes and all try our hand at a new dish. Then we come together for a fabulous potluck of sorts, laughing, trying, teasing… and learn together about a new pocket of the world, often full of people who have never heard the Gospel.

And then we pray.


These moments are shared with great purpose. The food is amazing, the experience interactive. But what we really come for is a chance to learn about a place where God is not… yet. And ask for His work to be done in this place.

We’ve picked many places over the years to focus on, and each one has a special place in my heart as I think about the shared collective prayers of a small group of people who are actively choosing to be a part of something bigger.

To participate in a movement of God in a far away place. Many of which we will never step foot in. 

Making authentic sticky rice! These are traditional bamboo steamers.
Sharing a full meal together!

I think these moments serve a secondary purpose as well…

They remind us that we have a role to play in the Great Commission, that we are in fact, players in a global work that draws the world to Himself. That brings hope to some desperately dark areas.

And that. That is worth far more than just a fun night with friends.

Amazing food to share together!
Prayer Resources are always present as we try to learn about the country we are focusing on.

There are some great resources out there to help learn more about specific countries, their needs and the work being done so far. Here are a couple places to start.

Prayer Resources: 

Prayer Cast (Video from Psalm 67)


I would also be amiss to forget to talk about PERSPECTIVES on the World Christian Movement on this post. If you want to learn more about God’s purpose throughout scripture, the history of missions and learn about how you can fit into that purpose, this is a powerful, transformative place to start.

Thai Tea (and many other great additions) are a fun way to connect.


These were created to be easy to replicate. They are informal, bathed in intentionality, prayer and a heart for God to be known among all nations. If you too want to find a bigger role in the Great Commission, I encourage you to try this too, whether its with your family or a growing group of friends!

Step by Step,

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