Spring has flown in with a flurry it seems and I’m so thankful for the bright sun and the warmer weather that (I hope!) is here to stay. And with it has come a rush of new activity. From family gatherings this last month to long conference days and rich conversations, life has been full.

Heading home from a rich and encouraging #CAFO2017 and ending with something sweet. #cronuts #fivedaughters #ourtasteofnashville

And in the middle of all the crazy of our lives, we set off on a new adventure as we split commute times and pursue Nick’s licensure as a clinical counselor.

We’re off on a new adventure! #staytuned #sellinghollyhock

(I think I blame watching so much Fixer Upper at the gym because we’ve taken on a home that needs updates… something we said we’d never do 😉 But I’m sure it’ll be great, right?)

And finally, just because they’re the cutest…

“Hewooh Appo!” #averisue #attwo #awalkatthepark

Enjoy today’s journey, even if it’s not monumental. These steps can be so sweet.

Step by Step,

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