Comfort, Security & A Refugee Crisis

Comfort and Security (both National and Personal) have become the new Prosperity Gospel. It takes risk to enter into relationship and to learn to ‘Love Thy Neighbor.'” – The Justice Conference Speaker 2017

Does that not send chills down your spine? Christian Church… have we wrapped ourselves in such a perfectly safe little world that we have missed what it means to really be a follower of Jesus? He didn’t live in safety. He didn’t live as though the outside world might wreck his kids or cause him discomfort… he knew that hanging out with criminals, sinners and the hurting would be messy. He knew that he would be betrayed. He knew that he would ultimately be killed. But he did it anyway. Because he wasn’t here to be safe. 

Have we have forgotten that He has called us to love our neighbor (the widow, vulnerable, foreigner among us) just as we do ourselves? 


There’s no earthly way we can love our neighbor and live as Jesus commands us if we never try. If we never meet them. If we don’t know their stories. If we choose to isolate, protect and reject the very ones that we are called to serve. 

It’s World Refugee Day, and in the middle of our nice little lives, its really easy to ignore the fact that people just like you and I are facing horrifyingly uncertain futures. These aren’t terrorists or desperate criminals. These are families. (In fact, more than half of the 65 million refugees in the world today under the age of 18.) Their lives, their families, their futures all hang in the balance because of war, violence, famine or persecution.

Read a quick synopsis of why we’re in the middle of the worst refugee crisis EVER BEFORE right now.

“Loving your neighbor is never safe. But it is ALWAYS good.” – Gabe Salguero, The Justice Conference 2017

There are ways we can do something. Start here: 

Still We Stand: Advocate to the President and our elected officials that we do want to welcome refugees. Tell them that we stand for equality and open arms, just like we were given open arms to this country.

We Welcome Refugees: Find a ministry in your city that cares for refugees.

Preemptive Love Coalition: Get involved overseas through purchases, advocacy and giving to boots on the ground efforts.

World Relief (World Refugee Day): Want to learn more? Host a Refugee Sunday. Give to others in the middle of the middle east. Listen and learn.

Step by Step,

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jan Patterson says:

    Thanks for this Amber. I get very concerned that Christian means we are perfect and safe. I don’t think Jesus ever for a moment meant that. I know I don’t have all the answers to all of the world’s problems but I know where to turn to do what I can. Blessings to you and Nick, Jan Patterson

    1. Amber says:

      Thanks Jan. You’re right, we do know where to turn! Hope you are doing well too!

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