EPIC Global Missionary Adventure

This was an EPIC weekend! The Global Missionary Adventure was a feat that brought together our church in AMAZING ways. We are just so grateful (and have tired feet.)

Friends on Mission Together!

Our goal was to help our local churches understand more of what 10 missionaries are doing and mobilize people to pray and support.

  • 9+ months of planning from this crazy crew
  • 222+ volunteers
  • An estimated 1,800 people who came through
  • Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony, Interactive games, trying to learn an unwritten language, photo booths from remote areas of the Globe, seeing the process of filtered water, experiencing missionary counseling, a huge amount of prayer resources, and much more!
  • An entire community equipped to pray, support and get more involved in the Great Commission

Thanks Sarah for putting together this awesome video! It takes a bit of time, but worth watching it fully to see how all of this comes together.

**a couple of the missionaries represented are in restricted countries so we had to be careful when taking videos. If you leave a comment or share the video please do not mention or attach their names**

Free helicopter ride giveaways! This was for the Ethnos 360 Aviation booth! #gopraysend #flyingintoremoteareasfortheGospel
Airport Security before entering “the World” (complete with TSA security, video of planes coming and going, etc.)
Entering restricted countries. We are being careful about how to share some of these images publicly. #wheretheGospelisnotwelcome #sharingourfaith
Business as Mission #cleanwater #livingwater
Another booth!
Grateful for this guy and the shared vision we have. #marriageonMission 
What part will you play in caring for missionaries and fulfilling the Great Commission?

We are just so grateful for all the hard work poured into this event. May He be glorified and counted worthy as we work together to bring Him FAME among every tribe and tongue!

Step by Step,

Amber - signature

PS – Head over to Sarah’s blog to get a bigger scoop.


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