It Was a God Thing

Over 10 years ago, my mom started a project. She wanted people to see God working around them. The more she asked around, the more people started sharing these amazing stories of God’s work in their lives. Sometimes it was crazy – and other times it felt somehow ordinary. But it teaches us how to look for God’s work all around us.

This summer, those stories finally culminated in her first book called “It was a God Thing”! It’s stories from people she knows and some she doesn’t who she’s made connections with through this book. But each hold some beautiful moments that teach how God is still working among us.


I’m so proud of her passion for this and the intention she’s brought to collecting these stories of miracles. I think it’s really a call to see what God’s doing right around us. And boy, do we need this message right now.

If you’re looking for a great stocking stuffer ($10!) that can be a daily devotional read, inspiration for a friend or just good reminder for all of us, go check it out here:


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