Merry Christmas!

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

– Nick & Amber


The holidays have often felt so hurried for me, but this year, I’m trying to intentionally focus on Advent and the depth of what Christmas really means. We had family over for a quiet night with indoor smores, Christmas cookies and Home Alone, a Christmas favorite. We’ve been reading through Common Prayer for advent (which I’m loving!) And working on some homemade Christmas gifts that I’ll show later.

These moments make it feel more intentional. More meaningful. Something to remember.


Looking back at 2018, it starts to make sense why we feel a little crazy sometimes 🙂 We tackled more house renovations from #ourbighousereno and traveled a LOT for Nick’s Counseling trainings. Overall, both a difficult and beautiful year.

Most recently, we are praising Jesus for some HUGE steps forward in Nick’s licensure process. So very proud of this guy and the work he’s doing.

Celebration after meeting with the licensing board on Dec 3! 

There are moments this past year that I’ve been struggling to rest in God’s timing. Trips have been delayed, disappointments, and daily struggles have just weighed heavy. It’s so helpful to look back and see how many sweet, sweet memories there are here in the middle of what felt like a hard season.

We are so blessed. And I hold onto that looking forward. 

And now, approaching Christmas, I want to fill these moments with joy and awe at the coming of the Savior. What a thing to celebrate…

Step by Step,

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