Making Memories: Winter 2019


We’ve had some sweet memories with friends and family over the last couple months of winter. From birthday celebrations to evenings in prayer with friends at some of our fabulous Ethnic Prayer Nights, we have a lot to be thankful for.

This weekend, we took two of our nieces to the FW Philharmonic and saw the Carnival of the Animals. They did an awesome job making things kid-friendly and giving the girls a chance to try some instruments and hear some great stories of Babar the Elephant (among others.) Nick and I definitely enjoyed this just as much as the girls! I’d totally recommend checking out your local philharmonic group and see what they offer for families. This was a really special thing!

And while we missed the chance for the girls to get their faces painted at the event, we bought our own paints afterwards and did it at home. Sometimes those are happy changes because now we have the paints to use for many times to come too! We had a special day (and sleepover!) and lots of fun with these cuties (and their little sister who joined us later!)

While Nick’s been hard at work moving towards licensure, we’re grateful for the quiet moments in between. While they’ve lasted anyway… it’s looking like March will be a bit more exciting with lots of traveling. Stay tuned to hear more of our adventures 😉

Step by Step,

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